Information in English

We aim to be accessible to our patients and work hard to provide medical services of high quality and to provide good service to our patients. To book a regular appointment you can use our text messaging service, our app or website, 24 hours a day. We reply to your request during our office hours. For an emergency appointment you must call us on the same day.

Øya medical centre has an agreement with Trondheim commune to provide health care for those with a "D number" who do not have a family doctor in Norway. To make an appointment you can for example send a text message with your D number and full name and the reason for the appointment. We will reply as soon as possible. If an emergency appointment is needed then you must call on the same day.
We also have an agreement with SiT to help students who have not changed their family doctor while they are studying in Trondheim. We would however encourage all students who study in Trondheim to register with a family doctor in Trondheim. Remember that you can re-register with your previous doctor again later (if you do so within 3 years). Those who have not changed doctor or have special reasons for not doing so, are welcome to Øya medical center.